My six cylinder Chevrolet Special at Thompson Raceway in 1954



My first experience with fiberglass reinforced plastics was when I built a body for this sports car.
It was powered by a "hopped up" six cylinder Chevrolet engine.  The suspension was Ford transverse springs front and rear with Chevrolet drive train.  The chassis was steel channel rails with tubing for the body supports.   Weighing about 1,700 pounds, it was a lively performer.  Because it had a six cylinder Chevrolet engine and a fiberglass body, my friends called it "The poor mans Corvette".    


The " Chevrolet Special " on the SCCA course at Thompson, Conn. in 1954.  Because of the displacement of the six cylinder Chevrolet engine,  the car was forced to run in class " C modified " and was put into the race with modified Jaguars, a "C" type Jaguar, a 4.1 Ferrari and two special Oldsmobile powered Allards.  It was quite a sight!