My 1953,  the 25th Corvette built


The pictures on the left were taken in 1961 when I brought my Corvette home. 

I was an avid six cylinder ( there were no V-8's yet ) Chevy fan since my high school days and built a Chevy 6 " Hot Rod " in 1950.    If you could see the lawn area blocked by the car you would see that the house number was on a two foot long sign in the shape of the Chevrolet bow tie emblem.  I wanted a Corvette from the first time I saw one. Finally owning one was a real thrill for me and my family.  

The picture below, taken over fifty years ago, clearly shows my " Chevy house number " and my family years before I got my Corvette.


These two boys are my son�s, Bill and Joe, they are a bit older now but still remember the day I brought my 1953 Corvette home.   They were in the house and saw me pull up in front. My wife said they started leaping up and down shouting �Daddy has a Corvette!� They ran outside, jumped into the car and posed for this picture. 

After using our Corvette for a few months,  I decided to restore it.  Disassembling started in the Fall of 1961 and continued on and off until I sold it 38 years later, still un-restored.  In 2003 it was one of fifty four 1953 Corvettes gathered at Carlisle Pennsylvania for the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Corvette.  It was the subject of an excellent article in Corvette Fever magazine.  It was the only truly un-restored original 1953 Corvette in the show.  Even the years of dust were still on it.  CLICK HERE to go to the Corvette Fever site to read about it.